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Kim Adams – Women Who Spark Presentation

May 5, 2021

Kim Adams presents The Corporate Hippie: Manifest the Sh*t Out Of Your Life at the Women Who Spark Virtual Summit.

Kim Adams – TRG Presentation

March 24, 2021

Kim Adams presents The Corporate Hippie: Spiritual Principles at Work virtually at The Richards Group.


Get to know Kim!

I am a manifestor of magic in my own life and ready to inspire others to go after all of their dreams through trusting their intuition, practicing self-care, and being deeply heart-led. I want to inspire other women that they can change their lives in an instant by practicing meditation/stillness, trusting the universe through synchronicity, signs and magical shit that you can't make up.


I am living in orange county, California with the love of my life, getting to be a bonus mom to Natalia and Emilio while writing a book about my woo woo methods for building a business from $700K to $30MM with a badass group of women. I want to change how teams work together in corporate America by operating from a place of joy and love.

Book me for a keynote event, radio, television, or podcast engagement today!

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